All children's sessions are closed this during the school summer break but the adult session in Canterbury, Wednesdays from 7.30pm remains open and children of 4th Kyu (purple belt) or above may attend this session due to school holidays and advance training.
Who Are We?
The Kent Karate Schools was formed in July 1983 in Ashford and is headed by Rev Joe Ellis 8th Dan (Hanshi) and is a full and founder member of the NAKMAS National (Martial Arts) Governing Body.

Joe is an experienced senior karateka and has chaired three National Governing Bodies over his time within karate. So far, over a 40 year journey. He is qualified to NVQ standards (Karate) and holds NVQ Assessor and Verifier Awards (Karate and Ju Jitsu). In addition to this, we has won several national awards for his contributions within the martial arts (Combat and Martial Arts Illustrated magazines) and he was an award winning charity fund raiser, winning the award on three consecutive years as a child in the Boys Brigade in the 1960s.

The Schools specialise in teaching authentic Japanese karate, effective self defence and anti-bullying all of which are nationally recognised and accredited by NAKMAS.

The Schools have an impressive list of senior adult black belts. They are: Rev Joe Ellis 8th Dan (Hanshi), Mick Elcombe 7th Dan (Shihan), Dr Sandra Beale-Ellis 7th Dan (Shihan), Steve Keeler 5th Dan (Shihan), Joshua Traylor 4th Dan (Sensei), Ellis Finn 3rd Dan (Sensei) and Chloe Williams 3rd Dan (Sensei). There are also of other black belts. These are: Harry Henshaw 2nd Dan (Senpai), Keeley FInn 1st Dan (Senpai) and George Collins 1st Dan (Senpai)
Accredited Karate Classes in East Kent
Dojo Locations:




Broadstairs (St Peters)


Our Dojo Venues:
Children's classes take a break during half terms and summer holidays.
The Towers School, Ashford, 5 until 6pm - Children Only.
Ramsgate Leisure Centre, 5 until 6pm - Children Only.
St Peter's Church Hall, St Peter's, 5 until 6pm - Children Only.

Sellindge Village Hall, Sellindge, 4.30 until 5.30pm - Children Only.

Thanington Resource Centre, Canterbury. 7.30 until 9pm - Adults Only.
Hartsdown Leisure Centre, Margate, 5 until 6pm - Children Only.
Kingsmean Leisure Centre, Canterbury, 9 untol 10am - Children only.
Ashford Stour Centre, Ashford, 10 until 11am - Children Only.

Contact Admin Office
Kent Karate Schools, PO Box 630, Ashford, Kent, TN23 9AQ
Telephone: 01227 370055
(Monday to Friday 10am until 2pm)